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Surprise Surprise!

24 October 2014

I was in cahoots with my stepdad and showed up on my mom's doorstep on Tuesday!  W and I flew up to Alabama to spend the better part of a week with them.

Winslow has had a wonderful time opening every single drawer and cabinet and terrorizing Rosie, their dachshund.

It was so exciting to see my mom's face when we just showed up at the door.  She screamed and unfortunately Winslow thought the world was ending.  He got so scared and was sobbing for like 10 minutes. Poor poor babe!

We've enjoyed the cooler weather (SO not used to this after coming from a hot summer in NC and HOT Florida weather...tomorrow is the neighborhood yard sale and we are planning on doing some shopping.  :)

Enjoy the photos!

My sweet little boy.

15 October 2014

I wish he'd never grow up. 

I sometimes can't believe we live here.

14 October 2014

I mean, for as long as I remember, I've always wanted to move to the beach.  We'd go to Destin/Gulf Shores every single year when I was young. 

and now I live at the beach.

Pretty great if you ask me.  I hope I never get tired of it.

Hubby had the day off Monday thanks to Columbus, so we enjoyed a day at the beach.  We also spent the morning at the Farmer's Market which was a wonderful time. 

Love this photo he captured of a sweet cuddle from Winslow.  The beachside park has swings overlooking the bay. 

Here are a few snapshots of the Farmer's Market.

 We got some FRESH focaccia bread from a real Italian.  It was pretty DELICIOUS.  I'm going back this weekend to get some of his pasta.  He makes it fresh every single day and seasons it with unbelievable seasonings like basil, pesto, tomato garlic, etc. 

This little town sure is growing on me. And it doesn't hurt that we are 20 minutes from the beach.  <3 p="">