Hogan is four months old!

21 June 2016

Weight: 15 pounds 8 ounces

Height: 26 inches

Nicknames: Hogan, baby brother, monkey,

Eating: Nursing every 2.5-3 hours during the day and 2-3 times at night.  
Sleeping: 4 month sleep regression sucks.  That's all there is to it.  For the past 2-3 weeks he's been getting up anywhere from 3-6 times at night. :(  I. am. tired.  He won't take a pacifier so he just wants to nurse enough to go back to sleep.  It's exhausting, but I don't know what else to do!  I wish he would take that darn paci...I keep tryng to get him to take it but I think I'm just wasting my time.  But he's not been sleeping well at all this month.  I hope it gets better soon.  He usually sleeps from 8:30-11:30 then wakes up at 1,3,5,6,7...yeah...send help now. ;)  For naps, he naps 3-4 times a day depending on how long they are...sometimes they are only 45 minutes, and other times it can be 2 hours.  But the long naps don't happen very often.  I just think this guy wasn't born to sleep well.  He has other ideas.
Diapers: He is in a size two disposable diaper at the moment. We are still dealing with that pesky rash.  I have no idea what is causing it so I decided to give up cloth for a while until I have the courage to resume.  I just hate that he gets so red.  For now, we will do disposables.
Clothing: He is wearing 3-6 month and 6 months.
Social: Laughing more and more and smiling a ton! He loves talking to his toys above him on his playmat and smiles at Winslow now. It's so cute.  
Likes: Being worn in my wrap, eating, his giraffe rattle, grabbing his feet, his kickmat
Dislikes: Having a dirty or wet diaper, riding in the car, being tired, sleeping for a long time, pacifiers

What we're looking forward to: Not much going on this month...just laying low and enjoying the AC. It's so hot already here. :( 
  Here is Winslow at four months old:

(There are blurry because I "screenshotted" them from my blog)  :(

And here is Hogan:


Summer is here.

02 June 2016

Hello Hello Hello!!!

My younger brother is in town for two weeks and boy are we enjoying this.  He just finished another year of medical school and is taking a break until July when he starts clinicals.  I love having him here because he's such a big help with the boys. 

He is also working around the house, fixing up my flower beds, and doing small projects. We plan on going to the beach this weekend so I am not working him too hard, don't worry.

Both boys are currently napping (which I am sure will only last a few minutes) so I am hoping to get a couple posts scheduled.  I haven't ever posted about all the home updates we have done, and I found all the photos in my library recently! I need to share them!

Until then, enjoy some snippits of our summer.  We have been living it up outside in our mini pool, blowing bubbles, riding scooters, heading to the beach, and playing in the sprinkler.  this is the life.

Things Winslow says.

22 May 2016

Happy Monday!!!!

We are getting into the swing of things over here..still not getting a lot of sleep, but I am making it! :)  Hogan sometimes sleeps great and wakes up only twice, but the past couple weeks he's been getting up 3-5 times.  Makes this mommy T I R E D.  And Winslow has been getting up twice as well.  He just comes in our room wanting us to lay down with him.  I haven't blogged about W's sleep "setbacks" so I'll just do a summary here.

When Hogan was around 1.5-2 months old, he started crying at night and not staying in his bed.  Usually, we read books ,sing, pray and lay him down and he puts himself to sleep.  Well the past month he has been screaming and crying when it's bedtime unless we are in the room.  It is so exhausting and bedtime now takes over an hour when used to it only took 20 minutes, but we are just taking turns laying down with him and hoping this will pass.  I think he just needs us more now that Hogan is here and he is having to share time with him.  BUT if it doesn't get better on it's own, we will have to make another plan.  We will see. :)  He also has a lot of separation anxiety right now and doesn't like to go to Sunday School.  Lots of big changes for this guy and we are trying to give him extra loving during this transition.  Good news is, he still ADORES Hogan.  We are so blessed.

I've been meaning to make a small list of phrases or words that Winslow says right now that is SOOOOO cute so I don't forget!!!

Things Winslow says:

Grabbing Hogan's bamboo swaddle blanket:  "OHHH MOMMY! This is so cozy and warm!"

When he bumps into the wall while riding his scooter or tricycle inside: "OH! Sorry about that!"

Macaroni and cheese is pronounced: Mack-a-reeri and cheese

Bicycle is pronounced: "Bi-den-see-tee-ul"

When he doesn't want to eat something I give him: "No mommy, it has bugs on it. Ew. Yucky. Gross" 

When Hogan looks at Winslow:  "Mommy! Hogan is looking at me!"

Whenever I wrap Hogan in my baby wrap for a nap and he falls asleep:  "Mommy, is Hogan waked up?  Is he sleeping?"  

When Darla is in his way while trying to ride his tricycle "Darla! No (shaking his hand at her) please get up, Darla! Go over there Darla!"

While eating lunch: Me:  Winslow, take a big bite of watermelon so you can grow strong!"  Winslow: "No mommy, just a little bite. I am not big yet."

When we ask him if he's ready for bed or if he wants to take a bath:  "Not. Yet. Not. right. now. please."

While blowing bubbles outside:  "Mommy look! This one is HUGE! So huge!"

Looking at Hogan: "He's so cute and cuddly!"

Love this little guy! He makes me laugh so much!