Visits from the grandparents!

19 May 2015

This past weekend, we had some lovely visitors come down from North Carolina!  My mother and father in law made a trip down.  We had an absolute blast and of course, our little monkey got spoiled. rotten.  He got new toys, lots of sugar and ice cream, and even stayed up passed his bedtime.  And let me say, he LOVES his Grammy and Big Papi.  His favorite thing was sitting on the couch and having them read him books.  I've decided he will become the next literary scholar. ;)

Don't have too many photos because we were so busy with enjoying each other, we didn't take many!

Some of the highlights from our weekend included:  a day at the beach, lots of book reading, ice cream at the Amish Store, shopping for toys, and a date night for mommy and daddy!  We already miss you and come back soon!! 

Mother's Day

11 May 2015

This past weekend was very relaxing and wonderful! We didn't do much, but just enjoyed the weather.  Winslow let us sleep in until after 8 on Saturday (praise the LORD!) and we drove around town exploring.  Then, we ate at an Amish restaurant where all of the food is from scratch. It was wonderful..especially the chocolate pecan pie.

Being a mom is the hardest yet most rewarding job I've ever had.  I love it so much and hope that one day, the Lord will bless me with more children.  Yesterday was really awesome and hubby made me feel very special, but I couldn't help but think of the women who struggle with this day.  Some who can't have children on their own, some that have been trying for years to become pregnant, or those who have babies in heaven, I hope that you felt special yesterday in some way and know that I was thinking of you!  

I just wanted one photo with my little monkey, so I am glad he wasn't screaming or yelling during these. ;)  He's pretty hard to herd lately..this boy is EVERYWHERE.

I can't believe he's getting so big! Time is flying..and I hate it!  Must.have.more.babies.

Here's little man on Mother's Day last year:


off to cry now.  There's no way he was ever that little!

My Sleeping Angel

06 May 2015

Over the past several months, I have taken a photo of W when I go and check on him for the night.  I never really thought about why I do it, except to come back and show hubby how stinkin' cute he is while he sleeps.  Well i went through a few old photos and found these.  Oh my goodness.  My heart overflows with love for this little boy!  I will share a few for your enjoyment.  Really, what is cuter than a sleeping baby?

Disclaimer (mostly for my mother):  YES i wash his sheets.  But most of the time I put them right back on his crib instead of switching so that's why they all look like I have never taken his sheet off ;)