29 June 2010

Oh, summer time...

Another Georgia thunderstorm has hit us...if only we had a front porch!! Seth and I would definately be out there listening and watching the rain.

Poor Penny..every time there is a thunderstorm, she HATES it and runs into the living room, jumps on the couch, and sticks her head in the cushion. She doesn't even pay attention to the ceiling fan! Thunderstorms scare her more than ceiling fans...

We are officially Georgia residents now! We have a permanent residence, a bank, AND our new licenses!! It took us only ten minutes to get them today-that should EXTREMELY surprise you because everyone knows how awful the DMV is..well Georgia did something right because it took no time at all! The next step for us is to add my name to our bank account and I think all the logistical stuff is finished! Yipee!

Seth and I have been running across the country every single weekend, dragging Penny with us when we can, and hoping Huey doesn't get too lonely in our house..we are SOOOO glad we got Penny when we did. She is such a joy to have in our house and we love her more each day! I know, I know...you're thinking "Kait, she is a DOG" but let's face it..Seth and I think of her as our child. We love her so much!

Every evening when the Georgia heat decides to hide a bit, we take her to the dog park. It's called Wiggly Field and it's just a big ol' fenced in grass land. At first Penny was scared to go in there because of all the other dogs, but now she loves it. She will run around and dart at us like she wants to play! She gets so excited and loves playing with the other dogs. No one would ever guess she is 8 years old (56 in human years!) She looks and acts like she is about 3.

Huey is doing well..he has fleas though. :( We bathed him and I still found a couple. Another bath is in the making...poor kitty. We are taking him to Four Seasons Pet Resort on Saturday before we head to the beach..I hope he likes it there. He and Penny are getting a long a lot better now..they sometimes get about two feet apart and neither of them gets upset!

Seth is still in the process of looking for a job...Athens is pretty dry in that area. I hope some doors open really soon. Let's cross our fingers!

One of the highlights of my week was when Seth and I drove back from Charlotte on Sunday afternoon..if you know Seth at all, music is something he LOVES while driving in the car. Well this time, we both talked and dreamed the WHOLE way home (over three hours) and it was so much fun. We talked about where we want to be in ten or fifteen years, what kind of house we want, what we want for our children...etc. It was great and I am SO glad I have many years to share with Seth. He is such a blessing in my life and the Lord keeps showering us with more. I'm so thankful for the laughter, love, and stability that Seth gives me. Here are some random things we want in our future:

1. 5 dogs and 5 cats... yeah, I know that sounds crazy, but we want a big house with lots of land and they can run around all day. :)
2. A big garden. I want to be able to cook with homemade veggies, fruits, herbs..etc.
3. We want our home to be the hang-out place for our kids. I want to cook dinner for them and 5 friends on any given night. I want kids to be at our house until the wee hours of the morning on the weekends...(although i could change my mind later on..ha!) we want to be the "cool parents".
4. I want a 6 burner stove, double ovens, ice machine that makes Sonic ice, and a 60 wine bottle refrigerator.
5. Hydrangeas in our front yard..blue, pink, purple, white...mmm i love those flowers.

This weekend we are driving to Emerald Isle, NC to spend a week at the beach with Seth's family. Kim's birthday is July 3 and we will probably do something festive for the 4th. Penny is coming with us, and we can't wait to see how she likes the ocean! I am ready for some sun, sand, and seafood! Throughout the week, I will post some photos of our time at the beach..it should be a blast!!

I hope a great week awaits you!

-Kait Jones

Here is a photo of my best friend, Alli's bachelorette party! It was a great time in downtown Charlotte!!

24 June 2010

So this time the husband posts. Kait and I have had a pretty eventful couple of days. We realized a couple of nights ago that our cat Huey had a few fleas. After assuring Kait they had not made a home in our bed, we went to Walmart to get him some flea shampoo. Kait, no stranger to bathing cats, led the charge to the kitchen sink where Huey the Cat was confronted with his greatest fear: water.

Having successfully treated him, we watched in amusement as he licked himself dry for a couple of hours (literally).

Here's the thing about Georgia: it's hot. We thought since we're all suffering, we might as well take Penny with us to the lake and have a swim. We soon realized that our precious girl has never swam. To me, having a Golden Retriever and not letting it swim is a punishable offense. Penny thought otherwise. She seemed just fine wading up to her flanks, much like you may see cows do on hot days. Naturally, Kait's determination led her to drag Penny deeper and force her to learn. What a great teacher! Nevertheless, Penny made it back to shore on her own, though she whined all the way there.

If you've ever smelled a dog after they've swam in a lake, you know that for the second night in a row, we ran a pet-washing session. This time it was Penny on our back porch. However Penny was the perfect dog through it all, standing completely still, as if she knew we were doing it for her benefit rather than attempting to drown her.

Tomorrow morning sees us heading up to the Charlotte/Matthews area to visit college friends. Kait will be meeting up with some girls for our friend Alli's bachelorette party. I'll be spending the weekend with Horsechoker, Nick, and Chuck, playing a ton of tennis and acquainting myself with the charming town of Matthews. Until next time...

21 June 2010

Weekend in North Carolina

Man, did we have a busy weekend!! We drove to North Carolina with Penny in our backseat to attend our friends Sally and Eric wedding. It is already a six hour drive to Seth's parent's house, but with Penny in the car, we add about an hour to our trip for "potty breaks". We got to Clayton around 5pm on Thursday night and then went to eat with my mother-in-law's (Kim) father for father's day.

Friday morning I drove to Fayetteville to attend Sally's bridal luncheon. We had a great time catching up with each other and chatting. I loved getting to see my best friends from Appalachian-I hadn't seen them since my wedding and even when I saw them then, my mind was elsewhere!

After that, I drove back to Clayton and me, Logan (my sister-in-law) and Seth went to the mall in Raleigh to return some wedding gifts. That night we ate at Bonefish Grill with Seth's parents to celebrate Father's Day. That place was SO delicious. If you ever go there, get the Bang Bang Shrimp-it was the best shrimp I have had in a while! We had a great time celebrating Seth's father!

Then on Saturday, Seth and I met up with friends to drive back to Fayetteville and attended Sally and Eric's wedding. A good time was had by all. They had their reception in a house turned restaurant and there was a different room for each of the "festivities"...ex: The food was in a couple rooms, the dancing was in a room, the cake cutting was in a room.. I had never seen anything like that, it was neat! Speaking of the cake, Eric and Sally cut the cake and then went to dance their first dance...well, unfortunately the cake decided it did not want to stay on the table, and it fell over and splattered all over the floor!! I hope they get their money back from the bakery- even though no one got to taste the cake, it was still beautiful and we still had fun!

This morning (Sunday) we had to leave Clayton really early to head back to Athens. The directTv people were scheduled to come between 4-8pm. He came and installed the TV and now we have directTv. Seth can now watch Wimbledon starting tomorrow at 7AM!

Tonight, Seth and I went to the tennis courts and hit around! I bought a raquet and Seth is going to teach me how to play so when we get old, we can play doubles with all the old people! It went well, I think! Before we got on the court, Seth gave me some instructions:
1. No whining
2. No twirling around in circles
3. No girly stuff
4. No screaming
5. Be determined

....he must know me well. ;)

So plans for this week...? Seth is going to apply for a few more jobs tomorrow and we are going to take Penny to the lake this week. This friday, we are driving to Charlotte and I have a bachelorette party to go to and Seth is spending the weekend with some college buddies. It will be fun!

In two weeks, we are driving to the beach to celebrate July 4 with Seth's family. I can't wait. I am ready to lay on the beach, with a book in hand. We are taking Penny which should be so much fun! I hope she loves the ocean!

Well, I'm off to bed!

-Kait Jones

13 June 2010

Well...here's to keeping up with the Joneses!

Hello everyone!!

Seth and I did some talking and decided it would be a good idea for us to make a blog. That way whoever wishes to do so can keep up with us since all of our friends and family are not local.

We are FINALLY moved into our house and most everything is done! It has been such a relief to get all the boxed unpacked and the pictures hung on the wall. Seth has been such a loving, hardworking husband and anything I ask him to do, he does! He even cleaned up the kitchen today after dinner without asking me. :)

It is official: Georgia summers are not something to brag about- they are HOT. I mean HOTTTT....and it's only June...

Penny (our new golden retriever) is adjusting really well. After observation, we have concluded she is scared of ceiling fans. Poor thing, she hates to go into the living room or our bedroom because she is scared the ceiling fan will come get her, I guess!! Every time we walk into the room she is in, her tail starts wagging! She can now sit on command, and we take her on a walk every evening. I think she loves us..i sure hope so.

Huey (our new orange cat) is quite at home. He has the whole upstairs to himself and loves to lounge around all day. He lays with his head in the food bowl practically, and his little round tummy is proof! We bought him a blue collar with a bell on it so we can always tell where he is, but quickly decided to remove it each night after he would RUN around our room jangling the bell at all hours...he is definately the night owl. Sleeps all day and is ready to play at night.

Seth is still in the process of looking for a job..he has applied to several, but not heard back. Keep him in your prayers as he is job searching!

We already have a good story to share:

We bought a rotisserie chicken for dinner one night and when we got home, Seth stuck it in the oven to keep it warm. He did not tell me this and so I started cooking the other things (potatoes, bread..etc) and turned the oven on to preheat...well about five minutes later, I smell this horrible plastic burning smell...and open the oven to see the chicken on FIRE.

Of course, I screamed and ran around and screamed more and filled up a pitcher full of water to throw in the oven. It was hilarious to watch, I'm sure as Penny sat and watched me, she was laughing in her head thinking "Oh, humans.."

Other than that, we are doing great!!! I love being married, especially to Seth. He is great. We are traveling back to Raleigh this weekend to see some of our good friends, Sally Keeling and Eric Warren tie the knot!

Until next time,

Mrs. Jones :)