27 April 2011

Lots going on...

1. Have you seen Water For Elephants?

Hubby and I went last night and we both thought it was amazing. It was such an emotional movie (some parts I cried and other parts I wanted to scream from anger)! I want to see it again.  Reese Witherspoon is such a doll, and Robert Pattinson did a wonderful job.  I read the book a while ago and was very glad it followed so closely to the book.  So if you need a good movie to see, head on over and watch this one!

2. Work is wearing me out.  This 40 hours/ week stuff makes me feel so useless when I get home! I haven't been able to craft in a couple weeks and it's bumming me out-I did sew a skirt for myself last night, and it made me very happy!  Hopefully I will find some inspiration soon and get to crafting.

3.  We made our way to Raleigh for Easter weekend and spent time with my in-laws.  We had a great time relaxing, catching up on sleep, and I got to go on a mini-shopping spree with my sis!  The weather was great and our Penny girl loved being able to run around outside in the yard.  Speaking of Penny:

{Penny after bathtime}

She has been being a bad girl lately and not using the bathroom outside!!! She has gone to the bathroom TWICE in our house.  She hasn't ever done this before, unless she is really sick.  Yesterday, I had just brought her in from being outside and she walked in the door, stared at me and pottied on the FLOOR! Ugh, I could have strangled her.  (NOT really)  I don't know what is the deal..  I had to give her a bath after this incident because she decided to lay in it afterwards...isn't she a smarty?

So now I'm asking you guys:  Do you have any tips on how to get the "animal potty smell" out of the carpet?  I have cleaned it up really well, but still smell a faint pee smell. ICK!  Y'all got any good cleaning advice for me?

4. I am very excited to announce that my husband is going to be attend Campbell Law School in the fall.  We'll move to Raleigh (that's about 3.5 hours from where we are now) in July and then he'll start in August..that means a new job for me and hopefully I'll find one I really love.  I am so stinkin' proud of him for all he's done to get here and can't wait to see him succeed.  Love you, babe!

5. Our one year anniversary is coming up next month and we are talking about going on a trip.   Where to, you ask? Well we want to go with some friends (so not the typical "lovey dovey, we've been together for a year" kind of trip) and have been throwing around ideas for Destin, FL or Gulf Shores, AL...have any of you ever been there?  Or do you have any other beachy destinations that you love?

6.  I'm still likin' the new do....I love that it only takes me like 7 minutes to blow dry and it's also easy to fix.  I'm glad I made the plunge into short hairdom.

7. My birthday is coming up next month as well..and guess what I'm asking for from hubby?  


WHOOO HOOO!!! I'm so excited.  I can't wait to go shopping and pick one out!

Just one more snippit for you.

While at work today, during the hustle and bustle of it all, I looked around and thought "I am so blessed."  I have an incredible husband who is attending law school in the fall, we are moving to Raleigh and will be close to family and friends, our bills and groceries get paid for each month thanks to steady jobs, and we both have hobbies that we love. (Tennis and crafting/couponing.)  I literally was smiling to myself for a few minutes just thinking about it.  The Lord has definately blessed us, and I am certainly not deserving of any of it.  Next time you get a moment, just stop and think about how blessed you are.  It's so easy to dwell on the not-so-fortunate situations, such as Penny peeing on the carpet, or her vet bill that cost us $250...but even if things don't go exactly as planned, think about all the great things that are happening.  I hope it'll make you smile. 

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Thursday.  Remember that you are blessed. :)


24 April 2011

A little money saved...

During my senior year of college, my roomate started couponing. I was so interested in this concept that I started doing it myself. Since that day, I have never paid full price for most of the items I purchase. It's such a fun "game" to me and I love the feeling I get when I save so much money.

I went to Harris Teeter and CVS today and got some great deals.

Take a look:

 Total before coupons and sales: $86.25
Total after coupons and sales: $26.05
That's a savings of 69.7% or 70%!
This is what I got at CVS today (minus the gum, I got that last week but I factored it into this purchase).

Total before coupons and sales: $104
Total after coupons and sales: $13.48
And I received $7.99 back in Extra Care Bucks...
That's a savings of 87%.

Saving money feels good.  


19 April 2011

A few things...

As promised, I am sharing with y'all the wreath and skirts my mom and I made when she visited this weekend!

I had a smaller wreath on my front door, but it was just a little too small for my liking. 

Here's the new one I made (with hot glue and fake flowers)

 I love hydrandeas.  Yummm.. and the bright purples and pinks. 
 My mom and I made a couple skirts for ourselves and I love the way they turned out! I did a paper bag skirt and plan on making a couple more.  I got the fabric for $3.50 at Hancocks.  That's pretty darn cheap for a skirt! SCORE! :)
{Shirt: JCrew, Belt: thrifted Skirt: made by me, Headband: made by me}

The weather here is beautiful.  I layed out on the deck for an hour today and it was so nice. (I need to get some tan on my WHITE legs!)  I hope this nice weather stays around...

OH yes, for any of you who watched Wheel of Fortune tonight, my friend, Alli was on there! If you don't remember, I went to LA in December with her for the filming of the show. It was so much fun and great to actually see the episode air! 

Hope you're having a great week-it's getting closer to the weekend! 


18 April 2011

Monda Schmunday.

I really hope this week speeds by because this weekend we are traveling to my in-laws house for Easter. I always love going there to relax, spend time with family, and do a little shopping. (There is an outlet mall (which includes Loft, NY&Company,Gap and tons of other fun stores)

This past weekend my mom and her husband drove up from MS to visit with us. We had such a great time.

Friday I cooked for them {mashed potatoes, BBQ chicken, greenbeans, Sister Schuberts} and then Saturday we did some shopping and went to upotwn Charlotte for dinner.  After that we went to Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar.  It was so much fun!

And of course, mom and I got to do a little crafting! We made some skirts, a wreath for the summertime, and a DIY cakestand. Don't worry, i'll post photos for you to see tomorrow or Wednesday.

Cooking dinner (Mom didn't want in the picture, as you can tell)

Sitting on the deck enjoying a glass of wine.

At dinner.  I am getting used to my short hair! :)
 Poor Penny.  We had a GINORMOUS storm Saturday morning. (The one that also destroyed many homes in MS, OK, AR...) and we gave her two doggy zanex's..and it still didn't calm her down. She was shaking like crazy and "hid" in the shower until it passed. Poor girl.
 I love our clothesline.  It really has saved us money and I love the smell of fresh clothes!
 Look at this sweet face!

Oh yes..do y'all remember the project I was starting with some yarn?  Well I was going to make a yarn wreath, but decided it was taking me way too long to finish.  Instead, I made another summery wreath and will post pictures in the next couple of days.

I hope y'all have a wonderful Tuesday!

Also, I just wanted to give a small shout out to my best friend, Holli.  She found out on Friday that she is PREGNANT! This is their first child and I am so so so excited for her.  I can't wait to spoil that baby rotten.  :)  Love you, Holli!


16 April 2011

Big haircut.

A whole lot of random...

-Goodness gracious this week has flown by. I had like 3 half written posts for the week and never got around to finishing them.  :(

-My mom and stepdad are here visiting from MS, so I'm trying to soak up every moment with them. I don't get to see them much and so the blogging will have to wait.

Just wanted to share with you guys some news:

I crossed off another goal for my 101 in 1001 project.


I have been wanting to do this for so long, but kept getting scared to cut my hair..well today I did it.  And I am so glad I did.  I was wanting a change...

Ten inches off, baby!

so, what do you think?  Do you like long or short hair better?

 {I am making a goofy face because I wasn't sure that I liked it...and then I couldn't get another decent picture of me because it got dark outside...}

After a few hours though, I have decided I like it.  It's so light and will be super easy to dry.  (Before, it would take me 20 mins!)

-Tonight it's supposed to storm pretty badly..we've already given Penny a puppy prozac.  (She is terrified of storms)

-We are throwing around the idea to make a last minute vacation with some friends to somewhere tropical.  I need your help!!! Do you know anywhere that is budget friendly that you loved?  We are thinking about somewhere in Mexico because the prices seemed the most reasonable.  Any help is much appreciated!

-Another thing i would love to hear from you guys about: shellac manicures...have you heard of them/had one/ known someone who has had one?  If so, did you like it/ was it worth the money/ etc?  I want to get one because i hear they are a lot better than regular manicures...

Hope you have a very happy weekend!


12 April 2011

I'm a little behind..

So here in bloggy world, I've been seeing TONS of cloches floating around. I have been keeping my eye out at Goodwill for one, but haven't had any luck!

UNTIL last week..

I found a cloche for .99 cents.  And a candlestick for .19 cents.  So i snatched them up quickly and brought them home.

Gave those babies a coat of spraypaint and did some distressing and Violia!

Here she is:

Now the only question is "What do I put inside?"

Total cost for this project:
$1.18 (I had the spray paint on hand from another project)

Now I can join the other millions of DIYer's who have made a cloche.  Go me!


11 April 2011

My best friend's wedding {in pictures}

 Going out for Molly's bachelorette party

 The bridal luncheon.
 Rehearsal dinner. {the gals}
 Rehearsal dinner. {the guys}

 In line to get our fake eyelashes on.

 isn't she beautiful?!

 bridal party.
love her.
The bride and groom.

hubby and me.
best friends.

Such a beautiful wedding.
with all of our closest friends from college.
i love special times like these.

08 April 2011

Do you miss me?

I've been super super busy this week and it's only gonna get worse! (Until Monday)

My best friend is getting married this weekend and I am her MOH.

I am sorry for the lack of interesting posts.


I did make a trip to Goodwill earlier in the week and I am in the process of making a couple things that I think you'll like!!

One involves a candlstick...

One involves some yarn.

Okay, off to the bridal luncheon!!!

Have a happy weekend-


04 April 2011

Chalkboard Tray.

Please be patient with me as I am in the process of getting a new blog template! Thanks!!!

The other day at Goodwill, I found this tray for $1.99.  It was originally from Target {says the sticker on the back} and I knew I could do something fun with it.

You can see that the glass is really old and musty looking. I tried cleaning it, but it still looks like this.

Enter: handy dandy chalkboard paint!

I painted the bottom of the tray and just cleaned up the sides with wipes.

{I made up the names, but then realized that my sis-in-laws best friend is named Jessica and she dates someone named Mark! haha)

So now when we have guests over, they can be greeted personally with a sweet message and a bottle of wine!

I think it was worth my $2!


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