29 May 2012

Since Tuesday was a Monday, why can't Wednesday be a Friday?

Man oh Man..all day today even after I got off work, I kept thinking it was Monday!

I'm glad it's not because that means one more day closer to Friday, but it still throws me off when I have a Monday off from work.

We had such a great long weekend with our family and enjoying the sunshine.

Friday night, we had our first dance lesson!  For Valentine's Day, hubby gave me dance lessons and we decided to learn how to swing dance.  We LOVED it and have another lesson next week!  Maybe one day soon I will snap a photo or two.. ;)

Saturday we slept in (praise the Lord!) and then worked in the yard all day. It was wonderful.  There are not many things I enjoy more than mowing the yard.  Yes, I understand that makes me strange.  So, we mowed, edged, and power washed the driveway.  And I admired my hydrangea that is blooming beautifully.

Also I found some birds eggs in my fern plant! So excited- I can't wait to see them hatch. 
Here's a glimpse into our weekend via Instagram:
MY FIRST TOMATO FROM THE GARDEN!!! If you can't tell, I am excited.  (I wasn't sure anything would grow...)  :)
I found this Chevron dress from Ross for...wait for it... $7.99!  I love it!  
We went to Bonefish Grill for an early birthday dinner for me.  (My birthday is on Thursday!)  It was delcious. 
My lovely sister-in-law who will be spending the summer in Chicago at Summer Project!

 And we also celebrated TWO years of marriage on Sunday.  Ahh..I love him.  It only gets better with each year. 

I'm pretty sure this cat has some human in him.  I mean have you ever seen a cat who sleeps on his back like this?  He's crazy, I tell ya.  

I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well-  it's already halfway to Friday! YAY!



22 May 2012

why i blog.

I have like 10 blog posts that are half way finished...it's like they only need a couple more sentences, but for some reason I just don't click "publish". 

Lately, I've been thinking.

Why do I blog?  What is the REAL reason I share my life here on the interwebs? 

When I started this blog two years ago, I was documenting our life as newly newly weds.  We had been married like three weeks when I wrote my first blog post about Seth burning the chicken in the oven.

A lot has happened since then, including the growth of my blog-and I am so THANKFUL for y'all who find my life interesting. 

However, I do not want to miss the little memories that my husband and I are making now. I don't want to feel pressured to write a post about decorating, crafts, or a DIY project.  I LOVE sharing what I do in my spare time, but I don't want to miss out on the other things that life is giving us. 

Like the time we fed our pup peanut butter, or when I gave her our dinner because it was not edible.

The reason I have this little blog is to share and document our life together.  So that in ten, twenty, or fifty years (if there will even be such things as "blogs" then) I can remember what we did as newlyweds.

I plan on doing this for a long while. So that I do not forget about the small things that happen. 

Remember when Penny dug up our garden?

Or when I donated my hair to locks of love?

even if I don't have a craft or DIY project every week, I am happy knowing that memories are documented.  So that when our children decide to ask what life was like before they came, I can share these sweet stories with them before tucking them into bed. :)

Here are some little memories that were made over the past couple weeks that I don't want to forget, even if they seem unimportant to others.
 I have been so irritated with the squirrels that keeping digging up my flowers so I took matters into my own hands. (For those of you who are really concerned, that is a BB gun...it doesn't really hurt them.  And I don't aim at their chest.  Only their back legs.) and just so you know, they haven't dug up my plants since this occasion.  TAKE THAT!


New robins eggs in my fern!  Can't wait until they hatch.  And look at that sweet Penny girl face.  How sweet is she?

Last week, hubby went to the beach all week for a college reunion with his buddies.  I sure missed him, but I did have some great ichats with my girlfriends!  As you can tell, we got quite goofy.  hehe!

So, I encourage you..if you don't have a blog, get one!  Document your story.  Share your life.  You will be grateful you chose to record your memories, even if they do seem small.



11 May 2012

Our Front Porch.

Happy Friday, friends!

I'm telling you, the days are flying by here! Work is hard, but life is good.  :)

I am here to share my front porch with y'all today...I think I've finally finished "decorating" and even though I could spend a whole lot more on lovely flowers and such, I am really happy with our porch. 

Welcome to our porch!

 So, there used to be a big shrub where the pink hydrangea is now, but I dug it up and moved it to the back yard.  I saw that hydrangea on sale and it somehow ended up in my cart!

 In my window boxes are impatiens.  They are super easy to grow and LOVE the shade.
 Begonias and more impatiens.

 The owl planter is from Hobby Lobby.  Unfortunately there is no drain holes in the bottom, so that's why I have the flowers planted in a different pot.
 I made this initial hanger with wood plaques from Michael's, the chain and decorative hanger (I can't remember the real name of that thing) is from Lowe's. 
 I spray painted the chairs that I got from a garage sell and they look so much better!

 One of my most favorite things to do is sit on the porch while it rains and just relax.  I love the sound of rain.  Check out this photo of it pouring down rain while it's sunshiney outside!  How cool is that?
And that's our front porch! 

We love our little home.

Happy Happy Friday!



07 May 2012

Reasons to be thankful.

Even though it's Monday....

-I am thankful for my husband. He finished law school exams on Friday and BOY are we happy!  NO MORE STUDYING until August!  Hip hip hooray!

- I am thankful for my sweet animals.  God knew what he was doing when he made cats and dogs.  

- I am thankful for God's creation of many different types of flowers.  They are so unique and beautiful in many ways!

-I am thankful for my friends who challenge me to be a better person, to work hard, and to serve others.

-I am thankful for my hubby who left these in my car on Friday morning:

-And I am thankful for Jesus who died in my place on the cross.

What are you thankful for? 



02 May 2012

If I had a million dollars {Home Edition}

I love to dream.

Specifically about the dream house I would have if I were a millionaire. And thanks to Pinterest, I can share some of my ideas.

First off, who wouldn't want this ginormous pool in their backyard?  I think I would job off the top balcony into the pool-If it wasn't into the deep end! ;)

Then after my daily swim, I would relax on this porch..with a sweet tea and a Country Living magazine. 

Source: bhg.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest

Do houses really look this perfect in real life?

And this would be my lake house, of course. Gotta have one of those.
Source: bhg.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest

A white kitchen, with white subway tile, and butcher block countertops...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

I am pretty sure if I had this bathroom I would live in that bathtub.  The only thing missing is a glass of wine and some music.

And then when I get out of the bathtub, I will do cartwheels in my closet, because I can. 

A girl can dream right?