30 January 2015

Texas Part 1

We spent 12 days in Texas.  Away from hubby.  That part was hard, but we managed.  I think he ate cereal and pizza the whole time. And played a lot of video games with his boys. ;) 

He missed us for sure.  And little man came back with a big haircut so he looked so old! 

Here's a recap of our first half in Texas. We spent most days on my dad's farm and a few days with my grandparents. 

 Winslow's favorite thing to do was go see the goats.  The first thing he would do when he woke up is say "BAAAAAA" and point outside.  Cutest. thing.ever.
 Had to clip some chicken wangs so they wouldn't fly off.
 His next favorite thing was to ride the tractor. He loved it. 

 We had dinner with my grandmother. She will turn 90 this year!

 Doesn't she look beautiful?  and not 89 years old!?
 Those baby curls. I love them.  But  I am glad we got his haircut. 

Separate post for that big event coming!

 Four generations

And our good old cousin bobby. 

More photos to come!

26 January 2015

Sick sick sick

Well...we are back from Texas and although it was wonderful and great and loads of fun, we are both SICK.  Winslow got a bad head cold/ cough/congestion last week and it's still holding on. 

A few days later, it's hit me hard. I feel like I am underwater most of the day, and I've coughed so much my chest feels like it could explode.  I don't sleep a wink at night due to coughing, and I have gone through 2 boxes of Kleenex since we've been home. 

I promise to update you on our Texas adventures, and I have another post about Stitch Fix too! But first, I am focusing my time and energy on getting our household WELL.  *And praying that daddy doesn't get sick*

Just thought I'd stop in to let you know that I have not fallen off the earth.  While in Texas, my dad has bad internet service so I couldn't update there and W was too busy playing with the goats anyway. ;)

More coming soon..I promise!

12 January 2015

Just life...and an toddler update.

Life is busy.  Chasing around a wild little monkey makes it that way.  Every evening before my head hits the pillow, I make sure the house is straightened up.  And every morning within ten minutes, it looks like a tornado came through.  Oh well. that's life with a toddler.

We are packing up and heading to the Lone Star state tomorrow! We could not be more excited, although we are going to miss daddy A LOT.  We will spend the better part of 2 weeks there, visiting family and friends. I am excited.

I know i'm long overdue for an update on what the little man is up to so I'll do my best to summarize his rambunctious ways.

He is RAMBUNCTIOUS.  He loves running around the house yelling...and he loves ketchup.  I think he got those two things from his momma.  ;)

He is in a size 6 shoe and wears mostly 18 or 24 month clothes.

He is now on his first EVER medication (besides occasional motrin) and it's because when we went to Utah, he developed a horrible rash all over his little body.  Doc said it's from putting him in disposable diapers. Sheesh.  As if I needed another reason to NOT use those.  From now on, anytime we travel, we'll bring cloth with us.  I do not want his little body to be so red ever again.  Poor guy.  He's not been itching or fussy at all, so that's a blessing.

His favorite words to say are "hot, Darla, dada, puff, juice, cheese, book, and uh oh". He also knows what sounds a doggie makes and he'll say "Woof" really quietly. It's so funny.

He sleeps 12-13 hours straight at night. Praise. the. Lord.  He naps once a day for 1-2 hours.  His favorite foods right now are strawberries, green smoothies (the contents vary but it's mostly spinach,kale,frozen green beans, flaxseed, banana, yogurt, apple juice and strawberries), grilled cheeses, and broccoli with KETCHUP. HA!!  He dips each peice in it.  Hey, he eats his veggies. This mama ain't complaining.

He says HEY to EVERYONE he sees.  In Target, in the mall, outside...it's awesome.

He loves our daily walks with darla and also loves to swim.  Yes, we are still swimming and it's January.  Remind me why I ever want to leave Florida again?

His favorite toys are books, and his play kitchen.  He also loves his Land of Nod char and his bubble mower.

I have been saying this for the past 6 months, but every single month keeps getting funner and funner with him.  He's such a ham and I love being his momma.

07 January 2015

Our trip to Park City, Utah.

Two days after Christmas, we flew to Park City, Utah for a week of snow skiing with my mom and stepdad, my stepbrother and two brothers.  I haven't skiied in over ten years so naturally, I was hesitant to hit the slopes again.  Thankfully, I had a blast and it was not hard to get in the groove again.  We had three full days of skiing, and the other two days we relaxed in the heat of our cozy house.  It was negative temps outside and I was not about to take the babe out there.  I've never been in such cold weather.  When we would ski in CO, it was in the teens and single digits, but never negative digits.  Sheesh.  I don't see how Utah peeps live in that weather.  

Enjoy the photo overload!

 Naturally, Winslow was the center of attention.

 And remind me again, why I am flying with a toddler again in  a week?  He didn't sleep a second on the plane, and instead wanted down the whole entire time. UGH. But he sure did have a blast walking on the electric sidewalks.

 It was my mom's birthday so we went to dinner and celebrated!  W could not hang with the big kids.

 Ha, this photo was taken with my self timer on the phone...i didn't quite make it.

Look at this snow bunny!  These were taken about a year apart. Ha! He doesn't care for the snow...

I love the snow, but was glad to return to 86 degree weather.  And yes, we hit the pool the very next day.

I never thought I'd get to swim outside in January. <3 br="">