18 July 2016

Hogan is five months old!

Weight:17 pounds

Height: 27.50 inches

Nicknames: Hogan, baby brother

Eating: Still exclusively nursing. We won't introduce food until 6 months.  He won't take a pacifier so he usually gets nursed to sleep for naps and bedtime :)  It's funny how different I am with the second kid, because with my first, I never let him nurse to sleep.  Must have been all those dumb "parenting" books I read.  Ugh, you live and you learn.  Now I could care less when he nurses or how much he nurses.  As long as he is growing healthy and happy, I am happy.  He still eats 3-5 at night...yeah..i . am. tired.  

Sleeping: Nope.  He's up around 4-6 times a night.  Usually ends up in bed with me around 4:30AM and wakes up anywhere between 7:30-8:30.  Little guy does not sleep well.  It will come one day though...right?  ;)  He naps around 3 times a day 10am-1:30pm-5ish.  Then he goes to bed around 8:15pm.
Diapers: We finally have gotten a hold of his rash issues- His skin is so sensitive so we can only use a certain type of cloth diaper and have to use a disposable like once a day to keep his skin from breaking out.  It works for us, and I am so thankful because I have a LOT of cloth diapers that I used with Winslow and I am not ready to get rid of them.  He is in a size 3 disposable.
Clothing: 6 month clothes and I am going to start getting out the 6-9 month soon! 

Social:Smiles all the time and talks a lot! He is content to be in my arms all day if I would have it. Such a layed back little fella.  I love it.  He loves when Winslow talks to him and his daddy is the best at making him smile.
Likes: Nursing, being held, his exersaucer, Winslow, chewing on everything, being outside, sleeping in the Tula.

Dislikes:getting out of the bath, teething, sleeping a long time at once, being left alone for too long, the car, pacifiers, bottles.

What we're looking forward to: We have a busy next few weeks! Me and the boys are flying to Texas by ourselves in two weeks.  We will spend 10 days with my dad. I cannot wait. Then right after that, my mom is coming for a few days while Seth flies to NC for a bachelor party.  Lots of fun to be had in the next month!
  Here is Winslow at five months:

Definitely see similarities, but they also look very different!  Love my boys!

15 July 2016

The best sign of Summer...

The best sign of Summer is watermelon.  All day. Every day.

And just because little Hogan didn't want to be left out.  ;)

 Nothing better than those baby toes. <3 br="">

14 July 2016

Sick house

This week has been so tough on us.

Winslow came home from church and must have brought the horrible stomach bug with him.  We went to the beach Sunday evening (see below for photos)  and that night he woke up around 11pm throwing up.  It continued ALL night, off and on Monday and off an on Tuesday.  I took him to the doc Tuesday finally because it was still lingering and we just got some meds.


on Wednesday, I GOT IT.  I didn't throw up, but I had stomach issues, fever, and flu like symptoms. It was HORRIBLE.  Caring for two kiddos and being sick is not fun at all.  I went to bed at 8pm and slept until 4am when Hogan got up to nurse, then got 3 more hours after that.  It was GLORIOUS.  Now today, I feel amazing.  I am thinking all the sickness is gone.  Lord, I hope so.

I am praying Hogan and Seth do not get it.

So we've been laying low this week and going stir crazy inside.  Watched a lot of movies, drank a lot of sprite, and sanitized everything.

Here's to a healthy rest of the week!!

And I want to give a very Happy Birthday shout out to my beautiful grandmother, Meme.  She turns 91 today and is currently in France at the house she grew up in.  So special, I hope she's having a wonderful time.  I love you, Meme!

11 July 2016

July...where the heat index is 105 by 10AM

Oh Southern Florida. I love you.  I love you for the beaches, the nice weather year round, and the wonderful produce. I DO NOT love you for the God awful weather from hades in the summer.

It. is.so.hot.

The days of walking in our neighborhood around 10AM are long gone..by then the heat index is well over 100 degrees and I cannot have my babies overheating in the stroller or in my baby carrier.  So we will stay inside until the evening time, when it's only 90 instead of 105.

Life is moving, and moving FAST! I cannot believe it's already July.  They say time flies when you have children, but when you have more than one, man is that ever true. It makes me so sad sometimes, but so happy too.  How can that make sense? ;)  I cannot wait for Hogan to start playing with Winslow and for them to become built in best friends.  Because they will never EVER fight, right?  HA!

Winslow has started making Hogan laugh so much lately, I love it.  He will get right in his face and say "Ah  do do do do do" and Hogan just laughs and laughs!  His little eyes light up and then Winslow is so proud that he was able to do that.  Then Hogan will grab his hair or his face and W will say "Mommy! Hogan touched my face!"

We are getting lots of fresh mangos from our neighbors yard and have been making popsicles and mango sorbet. it's DELICIOUS.  Fresh fruit straight from the ground is not even comparable to the store.  Seth got me a fruit tree for Mother's Day and I have yet to pick it up. I can't decide which type I want!!  I am leaning towards either a lemon or a tangelo tree.  LEMONADE all summer would be amazing..but fresh tangelos are also the bomb.

Grilling out has also become a weekly thing here. We usually do chicken, grilled veggies and we did pizza last night on the grill! It's so easy and the taste of grilled food is out of this world.  Also, we don't have to heat up the house with the oven.

The boys and I are making our first SOLO trip to Texas this month.  I am a little hesitant about flying with two by myself, but it's a straight flight to Dallas so I think I will be okay. As long as I had the ipad and some snacks for Winslow and mommy's milk for Hogan.  All will be right with the world ;)  We are visiting my dad for a few days and then all heading to the lake in Arkansas. I can't wait- going to the lake growing up are some of my favorite memories ever.

As usual, here is a photo overload! I take SO many pictures and don't have the time to post them all! I am at Starbucks (with NO CHILDREN) right now (Thank you HONEY!!!)  so I actually have time to sit and think without refilling sippies or playing police and keeping Winslow from throwing toys at Hogan's head. ;)

Heck, I may spend the night here.

05 July 2016

Happy Independance Day!

We had such a wonderful long weekend spent at home and with friends. Saturday morning we went to the Farmer's Market downtown and then came back for naps.  After naps, we hung around the house- I stained the porch swing and arbor, and Seth played with the babies.  Sunday was church and then Monday July 4th.  We spent the day at friend's house swimming and then did fireworks with our neighbors.  Such a fun weekend spent with all the ones we love.
Enjoy the photos- I had to get a few of my beautiful boys too.  Man, I am so lucky to be their momma!

Winslow had the BEST time popping fireworks- he loved every minute of it. 

Hogan and Winslow both loved the pool.  We need to get Winslow in swimming lessons soon- that boy will be swimming by himself in no time.

What a wonderful Independence Day weekend- we are so blessed to live in a free country.