23 February 2016


Introducing our newest bundle of joy:

Hogan Graham Jones
Born at 1:41pm on February 18, 2016
Weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces
22 inches long

Man, we are in love.  What a blessing!  More photos to come but for now, I am enjoying snuggling my newborn and trying to keep up with a 2 year old!  Life is GOOD.

05 February 2016

38 weeks

Here we are, two weeks or less from baby brother making his appearance!  Today is one of the first afternoons I haven't napped when Winslow does...maybe that means he will come since I have all this energy? HA!

It's February, I am 38 weeks along and I really can't believe how close we are!  My mom is coming into town early next week and I believe we have most things ready for his arrival.  My hospital bag is packed, Winslow's overnight bag is packed, nursery is pretty much done, clothes are washed...now the hardest part? Keeping the house semi-clean with a 2 year old.  Oh yeah, and sleeping.  I don't sleep anymore at night.  This little boy thinks he can stay up ALL night kicking me and  banging his head around on my bladder.  One night I got up to go potty over 12 times.  THANKS.

And because I haven't put a lot of photos of little man, I'll share a few from the past weeks.

Let's do a mini summary of what little W is up to.

His favorite sayings/words to say: 

"Be right back"

"Turn right daddy!" (When we are in the car at a stoplight, he always says this)

"Mommy lay down!" (When we are in his room reading books before naptime)

"Darla shake off!"  (When we play in the yard and she has leaves on her fur)

"Daddy play hide and seek!"

"Kiss baby brother" (And he lifts up my shirt...even in public. haha)

"Baby brother come play cars and trucks" (We will see what he thinks when he's actually here)

His vocabulary is getting bigger and bigger, and although I do think he is somewhat slower to talk, he knows a million words and sayings and gets what he wants.  haha

He wakes up before daylight most days (LORD HELP ME) and goes to bed around 8 most nights.  I'm trying to have him ASLEEP by 8 since he gets up so early, but we have been super busy with church activities, friends, etc so that doesn't always happen.

He is a pretty great eater and will eat most anything I give to him.

He's the apple of my eye and I cannot wait to see him love on his baby brother!