31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014.

I haven't even blogged about Christmas yet, but here's a recap of 2014!  We are in Utah snowskiing with my family, so I haven't had time to update.

2014 was such a fun, great year and man, was it a busy one!  Never thought in a million years, we would have moved WAY down south to Florida, but here we are!

Here's a summary of 2014:

*Winslow's first flight to Alabama and to Texas
* It snowed on Valentine's Day and we got stuck 4 hours in the car driving 30 miles
* 6 month family photos with our cute little bow tied boy
*4 year anniversary trip to Boone

*W's first trip to the beach in Alabama

* My sis in law graduated college!

* One year of nursing (and we made it to 15.5 months before I decided to wean)
* Winslow turned ONE and started walking a week later
*Hubby graduated with his Master's Degree
*Got two job offers and decided Florida was the best fit!
*Sold our home and moved 12 hours south

Those are the highlights and man we had a good year! I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for us.  I have a feeling it's going to be AWESOME.

24 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful time spent with family and loved ones!

 May you rejoice that a savior was born today and because of that, the world will never be the same! Praise God.

17 December 2014

Stitch Fix #8

Time for another Stitch Fix!! This was my 8th box, and it was another fun one!  I love my stylist and I know I say it every month, but I get so excited when this box shows up at my door!

What's Stich Fix, if you're new around here?

Stitch Fix is an online personal stylist-  
You create an online profile.
You get five hand picked items.
Keep what you love, send back what you don't..
You sign up here and pay $20 a month to have someone pick out five pieces of clothing for you that gets mailed to your door!  The bonus is if you keep any items, you get to put the $20 styling fee towards your clothing.  
You can pick your price points (I chose "The cheapest option" and then they'll send you items for you to try on at home, and you return them in three days(in a prepaid envelope).  If you like all the items, you can get  25% your whole order!

Here's what I got this month:

1. Bree Striped Split Back Mixed Material Sweater by Fate

So...this was cute in the box, but just okay on.  I like stripes, but didn't love the open back.  It just fit me strange.  That's all I have to say about that.  RETURNED

2. Dominik Colorblock Sweater by Olive and Oak

Now this I kind of wish I would have kept.  It was very soft on, and I like the "colorblock" look and chevron..but I think it was a little too pricey for me.  I can't remember how much it was, but I wanna say between $60-80.  RETURNED.

3.  Zailey Sleeveless Sequin Shoulder Dress by Pixley

I love sparkles.  I love them.  And I love dresses.  This was love at first sight.  BUT the price was high...with it being Christmas time, I was sad to send it back and plus, where would I wear such a fancy dress to? Playgroup? Not so much.  I was sad sad sad to see this go, but I did not keep it.  RETURNED.

4.  Adora Stud Border Tote by Octavia

I asked for a purse in my box, and my stylist delievered!  However, it was huge.  Would work great for a diaper bag, but not so great for a purse because my shoulder would fall off.  I would stuff that sucker to the brim.  Boo.  RETURNED.

5.  Wynn Ikat Print Front Pocket Blouse by Papermoon

Loved the print and the color, but not the fit.  See how high it comes up on my waist?  It was way too short for me...so I didn't keep .  RETURNED.

So yeah, i didn't keep anything this time!  It happens.  It was just an off month for me, with a little too high of prices and a couple wonky fits.  But I can't wait to see next month's box!!!  

Be sure to sign up here, and I'll get a small referral credit! :) :) :)


14 December 2014

Sunken Gardens

Last week or so we rambled up to Saint Pete for the day.  There is a natural parenting store (aka cloth diapers) that I wante to go to and so we stopped by some gardens to take a look.  It was beautiful and Winslow especially loved running up and down the paths.  He did NOT enjoy the talking parrots, though.  Bless his heart, he was terrified of them.

This place was stunning.  So much bountiful greenery and gorgeous plants.  The flamingos were pretty cool too! 

10 December 2014

Family Photos.

Now a days, when family photos are coming up, you usually go to pinterest for ideas.  Whether it be for wardrobe or "poses", every single photo there is flawless. 

We scheduled family photos and of course, had all my ideas pinned on my boards to show the photographer.  We were going to be the cutest little family and get tons of wonderful pictures to go on our Christmas cards. Right?

Would you believe me if I told you my child was a demon child the whole entire time? 

Like nothing i've ever seen before. He's NEVER like that. 

But alas, that's life with a toddler.  He got his way and yes we did end up getting some great photos, but I seriously don't know how! haha! 

He would not let us hold him for more than 4 seconds, did not want me to hold his hand, didn't want kisses, didn't want to look at all the wonderful goodies, didn't want puffs.. you can imagine how that went.

Anyway, here they are and I am in love!

03 December 2014

W's Christmas list

When Winslow went and visited Santa, this is what he said he wanted.  ;)

By the way..Santa was not a hit this year....maybe next year, right?  (But probably not!)

W's Christmas list

1. Eric Carle pajamas from Gymboree-  I have been eyeing these for MONTHS and on black friday they went on sale for $10.  Heck yeah!!  I got the fox (go figure) and the lions.  We love Eric Carle over here.

2. Mega Blocks- Santa is bringing him a LOT of mega blocks that I found for $7 at Goodwill.  I sanitized them in the bathtub and there is really a big TUB full.  Yay, more to step on.  

3. Aiden and Anias dream blanket- this is the softest blanket in the universe. Made from bamboo.  Love A+A.

4. Nike tennies-  because what's cuter than a baby in some Nikes?

5. Tonka truck-  found a big old truck at Goodwill fro $2.99.  It's BIG and W loved it when we saw it. 

6. That's not my fox book.  He loves touch and feel books and I love foxes.  WIN WIN.

7. Fox Smart Bottoms cloth diapers.  No explanation needed.  I can't ever have enough diapers.

8. Kidcraft kitchen- this is the BIG santa gift this year.  All wood and this momma is SO excited to see W's face on Christmas when he see this!  It was half off on Amazon on black friday.  Uncle Joshua is getting him some pots and pans and food.  

9. Bubble maker mower-  i believe his grandparents are getting him this. He loves bubbles and loves pushing things all over the room.  

10.  Land of Nod chair-  Grandpa is getting him this and he will love watching nursery rhymes and cuddling with his dream blanket.

We stuck to a budget for his christmas and I am so glad we did.  Otherwise it would be so easy to spend a million dollars on this child.  It also helps that Goodwill has such great toys for great prices. 

Also, let it be known that I did NOT venture out on black friday to get these deals. I shopped in the comfort of my own home online.  Thank you Jesus.

02 December 2014

Thanksgiving in the sunshine state.

This year Thanksgiving was a little different. 

We had a 30 pound turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, corn casserole, sweet potatos, and all the other fixins. 


we went to the beach and ate pizza on the water.

oh yes, we did.  We didn't have any family coming in nor did I want to cook a huge meal just for us three...so we did takeout and spend it on the water.  It was such a relaxed and beautiful day.  Although I did miss the turkey coma and the sweet potato casserole.  But I've decided we will have that for Christmas lunch, so that makes up for it.

It's been abosluteley gorgeous weather and it's hard to believe December is here.  It's 78 degrees today...no wonder all the "snow birds" come here for winter.  I guess I would too if I was retired and didn't want to shovel snow all day.

We have a busy next couple of months ahead!  A couple days after Christmas, we are heading to Park City, Utah for some snow skiing! Then in January, W and I are heading to TEXAS and in February we are making a trip up to NC!

Lots of traveling, but it's so worth it to be with family.  Living in Florida where family is no where near, I am so excited to be visiting everyone.

We are now gearing up for Christmas, Our tree is up, stockings are hung, and presents are being wrapped!  To come:  W's Christmas wishlist and maybe one for momma! ;)