12 November 2015

Checking in...and potty training.

Y'all.  I'm 26 weeks pregnant.

wow.  it's really flying by now.  I am almost to third trimester! YAY!

Also, moving into a fixer upper is exhausting..especially when you're pregnant.  I promise to do a post with photos but for now, I'll list what we've done so far!

We've been in the house since Nov 1. So far we have:

-Painted the living/dining/kitchen/master/hallway/entry.  Still have the nursery and W's room to go.
-This time when I was pregnant with Winslow, I was almost done with his nursery. Haha...now? I haven't done ONE THING. #secondchildprobs
-All new floors.  Which I LOVE.  We did TILE, believe it or not, in the entire house. It's wood look tile, so it looks like wood! I love it and it's perfect for Florida.
-Chalkboard wall in the dining room.
-Ordered new kitchen cabinets that are 2 weeks late. ARGH.  I am pretty sure that's how cabinets work..they are never on schedule.  So hopefully by December we will have our new kitchen. They should be here next week and then we will order granite.
-Removed a "small wall" in the kitchen to open it up. OMG, i love the difference. I can't wait to post photos.
-Did landscaping outside
-Painted the garage door and shutters. it looks so much better.
-Repainted ALL the baseboards. We will replace them this weekend.  It's going to be like a huge puzzle...NOT FUN.  We did label the back of MOST of them, but not all.
- Got new wood blinds for the house.

Hmm..I think that's about it for now! We have a few more "bigger" projects to do, and then it'll be small ones from here on out.

As far as pregnancy goes, it's going well! I'm exhausted most of the day with my crazy little man but that's normal, I think.

Little brother does have a name, but we are waiting until birth to share it. ;)  I know, i'm one of those people.  We will tell family but probably won't do a formal announcement.

He's busy kicking around and keeping me awake at night. I never try to get annoyed because I longed for this day for so long.  I know the blessing and miracle of carrying a child and never want to complain.

Oh yeah! Did i mention how we are POTTY TRAINING?  We are on day two and this is one of the hardest parts of parenting so far! Sheesh, it's so draining.  Asking "do you need to go tee tee?" Every 20 minutes, running to the potty, sitting in the bathroom all day...it's not something I love doing, but I will be glad when he is done! He's done awesome so far, just a couple small accidents.  I am so proud of him.  He gets rewarded with "ya ya pops" (Dum Dums) or M&Ms and homeboy LOVES them.

Alright...off to bed! I feel like an 80 year old woman, but these days are LONG for me.  :)

Will update soon!

01 November 2015

Halloween 2015

Just a few photos from our Halloween. Yes, yes I did dress up as Jerry Jeff Jones.  Resident redneck of the neighborhood.