29 July 2011



Pinterest is rocking my world.  I LOVE IT.  There are so many ideas that I would LOVE to do, I just don't have the time! 

However, I have done a small handful that I am going to share.  My new goal for the year is to try 1-2 every week...whether it be a new recipe, DIY, photography, gardening...etc.  I always feel so inspired when I'm on Pinterest (which is quite often)..hehe...

So here's a small list of things I've replicated from my favorite website ever.

Source: etsy.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest

and here is my version:

my dear friend, Molly painted those for me!!! Aren't they so cute! They're hanging in our bedroom.


And here is my version:

I love this- before I made it, I had all my headbands stuffed in a plastic container.  This works much better.


And my version, that I've previously shared:


And my version:


And my version:

I have a lonnnnnng list of more that I want to complete soon! 

Have you been pinning as crazily as I have???

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27 July 2011

Craft Room Reveal!

Alright guys, so it's time for the big reveal!  I mean, it's not that BIG of a deal..but I am excited about it so I'm making it into a bigger deal than it really is.  :)

Introducing my first craft "area/room":

I love my desk!  I couldn't decided between yellow or green for the desk and my sweet cousin, Halley, decided for me. :)  Thanks, Coo!

I wanted some dimension in the hardware so I painted them black.  I love the high contrast it gives.

Here is what the dresser looked like before:

Typical old wood and pretty scratched up.  A few paint splashes on the bottom, scratches on the edges...it needed help.  But for $30, I knew I could do something great with it.  It is SOLID wood, heavy as all, and has great bones.

Now back to the good stuff:

 Got these little buckets in the dollar spot at Target.  Love the dollar spot!
 I had this tiered stand for a long time, and finally put it to use! It won't fit underneath our cabinents in our kitchen, so I was glad to find a home for it, instead of the closet.  It holds a little fabric up top, and some buttons and ribbon down below.

 This area is for random crafts, like coffee filters (in case I decided to make another coffee filter wreath), candle sticks, raffia...whatever, really!  The top drawer is for scrapbook paper and supplies.

 I found that cool little bowl (not really sure of the purpose..is it a dough bowl?)  at Goodwill for fifty cents.  I like the pineapple shape!
 My sewing machine lives on one corner of the desk.
 Photos of friends, magazine scraps that I want to remember, a flower or two as embellishment, and my sweet puppy! See her up there?
 I just made the pennants from scrapbook paper and ribbon.  The paper came from Michaels, along with the letter "K" (which I got ages ago!) and the frame came from Hobby Lobby.  Inside it says "I have always known it was you."  Pennants are everywhere, it seems! I saw some on Pinterest that I love and got the idea to put some in my craft space.
 This holder thing came from Goodwill for $2 and I spray painted it teal.  I told you I have been going crazy with spray paint!
 I love how much space it gives me to work! I sit here on the computer while I blog, I can sew here, and craft all at the same time!
 All of my paints and Modpodge fit nicely in a drawer.
 Glue guns (I have five...Why? I have no idea.)
 Fabric goes in another drawer.  I'm not completely satisfied with this because I don't like to DIG to find it...anyone have any innovative ideas on how to store fabric and scraps?
 Sewing supplies..I'm ordering on of those neat spool holders pretty soon and I'll hang it on the wall! Yahoo!
I still need to find a desk chair because the one seen in this photo does not go with the desk- it's hubby's grandfathers and we don't want to use it because it's an antique and easily breakable.  BUT, look at that cushion! I scored that at Pier 1 for $2!  (I used a $10 off coupon!)

I just need to find a desk chair now!! I think I may paint it either black or pink!

Hope you enjoyed my craft room tour!  I'm off to the pool now!

Happy Wednesday!

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The good and the bad...

So..I have some great things to share first.

1) I finished setting up my craft room!  I can't wait to let you guys see it tomorrow.  First thing on my to-do list tomorrow is take some photos and slap 'em up on here.

2) I have been going crazy around here painting/spray painting.  Most of it ended up in my craft room, but I do have a new piece outside and in the dining room that I will share soon . ALSO, I am thinking about posting some photos of our home here pretty soon.  I think I have most everything like I want it.  Except, our couch is still not here...so the living room will have to wait.

3)  I am seriously ADDICTED to Pinterest.  Here are a few favorites that I've pinned:

Source: houzz.com via Kaitlin on Pinterest

Can we say STUNNING?!

I love the bright colors of this workspace.  It has been inspiring me to make mine bright as well!

I want to make one of these soon, but I just don't have a place for it!

Source: None via Kaitlin on Pinterest

Awwww.. so funny and cute!

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Now...for the not-so-great news:

I've been getting really discouraged lately about my employment status.  You see, we moved here around 3.5 weeks ago and I have applied to around 8-10 jobs.  I haven't heard back from any of them yet and it's starting to worry me.  Every evening before going to sleep, hubby and I pray for me and that something would open up for me.  It's so hard to be positive when you're not hearing anything from anyone.

I want to go into a career that I really LOVE and not just worked somewhere that pays the bills.  I want to have a passion for what I do.  My previous job did NOT push me to use my talents or gifts and it was always so mundane.  I want something that I will love going to, something that will make a difference to many people.  I applied to be a social worker because that is something that I would LOVE to do, but i've yet to hear back from them.  I've applied to several other human services positions...but no response.

I know that the Lord will provide, but sometimes it's just hard to rely FULLY on Him. I sometimes feel like I can take care of it on my own, but obviously I cannot.  I need to put my trust and hope in Him and remember that He is going to provide for me.

Okay, no more worrying/ranting.  We will be fine!!!

In other news...we are heading to the beach in about two weeks! CANNOT WAIT.  I have seriously been waiting all summer for this trip.

Stay tuned for my craft room reveal!  {Well, just so you don't get your hopes up too much and except a whole room of  "crafty goodness", I am sharing my craft room with hubby..and his side is for studying during law school.  So...I should call it my "craft area", instead of room..}


Here's a tiny sneak peek:

22 July 2011

New life goal: To spray paint everything I own.

I am convinced that you can make all things new with a little ol' can of spraypaint.

Well probably not ALL things...but a lot of them.

I've been going a little crazy with the spray paint around here...

See exhibit 1:

The shade is kind of wonk-eyed (I just made that word up) in the first photo, but I was in a hurry and didn't have time to fix it.  See that lovely apple green color?!?  YUMMMMM it is so cheery and fun!  I can't reveal it in our living room because we are still without a couch (hopefully it'll be here next week!)  It was so easy to spray paint.  All I did was tape the base where the cord is with painters tape and then tape a plastic bag around the top like so:

Such an easy way to change up the look of a lamp.

Now for my next project: my patio chairs!  If you remember, I scored some great chairs at a garage sell a few months ago.  They have been put to use a whole lot, and I decided that it was time for a little update.  I went to Home Depot yesterday to grab some spray paint and found these bright cushions on clearance.  $6 a piece- that's great, if you ask me.  That is what inspired my bright teal spray paint choice.

I loveee them.  They are so bright and fun-The cushions are smaller than the old ones, but I still think they look awesome.  They had some of the bigger size at Home Depot, but they were on clearance for $20 a piece....no thanks.

Love it!

Rustoleum makes some great spray paint.  I've loved using it so far.  And they make this neato little sprayer than I bought..it's worth every penny:

It all looks so cute with my coconut planters...my impatiens have yet to bloom though...

Coleus and Impatiens

And just for laughs..here is what my feet look like now after spraypainting all afternoon...didn't realize it had happened until I was done!
I wonder what else I can get my hands on now....  :)

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