29 April 2014


This past weekend, we made a mini-roadtrip to Charlotte to visit our good friends.  This was W's first roadtrip (besides the one where we got stuck in the snow for 4 hours on Valentine's Day).  He did pretty good, but did have a mini-meltdown on the way there..he was sick of riding in the car and didn't like being restricted..he loved it when I was sitting in the back with him, so I did whatever made him happy!

 The boys played Fifa while the girls just chatted about life..it was wonderful. 

When we got there on Saturday, Alli and I went to get a pedicure..and had a glass of wine while they were doing our toes! It was wonderful.  The boys watched W while we did that and then we all went to dinner.  After W went to bed, the boys met up with some friends and played tennis while Alli and I ate Talenti Gelato and watched Frozen.  Cutest movie ever. haha!

We had a wonderful weekend.

25 April 2014


It's Friday.  I hate Fridays. 

I have to work all day on Friday's.  That's why I hate them.  But it does mean weekend...and I love weekends. 

Don't really have much to say, but I'll leave you with some pictures of our whereabouts this week.

W has started sitting like this sometimes...it is my favorite thing ever.  Reminds me of when I was so small..I remember sitting like that.  And look how cute those little toes are.  I love baby toes. and baby love handles.
Y'all.  I found the self-timer app...life will never be the same. 
He must do kung-fu when he sleeps...somehow he removed two bumper pads and decided to use one as a pillow.
If this isn't a #momlife pic, I don't know what is.  Dirty mirror, baby climbing everything, dog blankly staring, un-made bed, messy room...I'm not even ashamed.  Oh yeah, can't forget my #selfie.
I ordered W his swimmin' trunks. Look how ADORABLE.  They're from Target.
These two...they are already BFFs.  I can't wait to see them grow up together.

Got a fun weekend planned! Stay tuned for details!  We are making our first roadtrip with the whole fam (Darla included!)



20 April 2014

The smocked outfit stayed in the closet.

Of course, the whole week prior to Easter is hot and sunny and then today it was chilly and WINDY.  No smocked Easter outfit for W.  DARN.  I waited almost a year for him to wear it..and he couldn't. 

Oh well, he still looked so freaking precious in his Polo button down and green chinos. And can't forget those moccasins.  He will have a pair of those things until he turns 10. 

We had such a wonderful Easter.  Celebrating our risen Savior.  It still gives me chills when I think about the sacrifice he did FOR ME.  A man who knew no sin became sin. For me.  Gosh. 

We went to the Easter service at church and Winslow fell asleep during the sermon (This is one of the few times I will ever say THANK GOODNESS)   I am too scared to put him in the nursery so we sit on the back row.  And if he wasn't asleep, he would have blown bubbles and squealed the whole time.

We had lunch at my in-laws.  The Easter bunny got W a little red wagon.  What boy doesn't love a little red wagon.  He loves it.  Thanks, Grammy and Big Papi, I mean Easter Bunny!

 Grammy and Aunt Granny  (Sisters)
 Hubby and his sis

 Love this boy.

 My sis and our babies. Ha!

He decided to kick up his feet and relax.

 Love his little hand on the side.

 Then of course we had to take some more Easter photos.  And of course, his attention span was about .5 seconds long.  He didn't think it was fun anymore.

 Look at those rolls.  Had to post this one.

Hope your Easter was wonderful!

Easter Baby

My Easter baby.  I love this little outfit.  I got it for him when I was around 30 weeks pregnant and it's been sitting in his closet patiently waiting to get some squishy baby legs in it.

Those rolls. I want to butter them up and eat them.