22 January 2016

4 more weeks!

Y'all.  It's been about a month since I've updated!  Lots of big changes happening over here and I have been exhausted.  Blogging has not been on my to-do list at all, but I am hoping I'll get better once baby gets here...maybe?  After all, most of the reason I blog is to share our life with my kiddos one day.

Most days when I put W down for his nap, I take a nap.  I LOVE naptime and almost always get a little sleep in.  Making a baby is taking it out of me.  That, and chasing W around all day.  Speaking of sleep, we officially moved the crib to baby brother's room and Winslow is in his big boy bed!  It was a pretty easy transition for the most part.  He still gets up some nights, but has done great! I'm so proud of him.  Tonight we are taking him to ice cream on Grammy and Papi's dime because they are proud of him too and sent him money in the mail for ice cream! :)

House update?  Well our kitchen is FINALLY done*!!!!!!!  And by done, I mean all the cabinets finally came in, (more on that later...spoiler alert: 3 weeks turned into 3 months), granite is in, it's painted, and everything! The only thing not done is the backsplash but that's another project for another day..maybe in a few months.  Being 4 weeks from my due date, i highly doubt a backsplash will be done before he arrives.  

We installed white planks on our ceiling.  OMG i am in love.  I'm planning on doing a post about it soon, but here's a photo so you can see! :)

It definitely took a long time because we only worked on it once a week or so, and we still have to add trim around the skylights and edges of the room, but man, I just love it. Watch out, Chip and Joanna, I'm comin' for you! ;)

Pregnancy update?  Things are progressing quickly!  At my 36 week appointment, I am already dilated 2 cm and 50% effaced.  AH!  i know that doesn't mean much and it can stay that way for weeks, but it's good to know my body is getting ready for a baby.  And hey, maybe little man will be on time or a tiny bit early this time.  Not NINE days late like his big brother.  We will see.

I am feeling pretty good most days! Not sleeping well at all, he likes to kick the fool out of me ALL night long, and I toss and turn 230498 times a night, AND i have to go pee at least 2X per night..so yeah, I am ready to get 2 hours of sleep that isn't interrupted.  Even with a newborn, I slept so much sounder than when I was pregnant. 

I have gained 5 pounds more this pregnancy than with Winslow, but feel like I look 10 times bigger.  I am hoping to only gain 4-5 more before it's all said and done. That would make me happy.

I was diagnosed with low blood sugar and low iron levels this go round which makes me feel queasy sometimes during the day if I don't eat/snack most of the day.  It will hit me like a ton of bricks and I'll feel like I need to pass out.  Once I eat something, I am usually fine though.  As for the low iron, I crave ICE like CRAZY.  My dentist is not going to be happy with me. :(  I eat at least two big cups a day.  Poor teeth.

Craving milk (I did with Winslow too) and that's about it.  

Here's a 34 week bump picture when I was pregnant with Winslow: 

And here is a 35 week bump picture with baby boy #2:

Only four more weeks until my due date!!!  Holy cow, it doesn't seem possible.  I am so ready though! My mom was in town for a couple weeks and she helped repaint Winslow's room, and we started and finished the nursery! I can't wait to share photos. 

Okay, I am off for a short nap.  :)