{Our Family}

  I am a twenty something wife and momma to sweet little Winslow and Hogan. I love to cook, go thrifting, save money with coupons, decorate our home, and be crafty. I enjoy a good book, a warm fire, Target, cuddling with my husband, and walking my sweet pup, Darla.  

Meet Mr. Jones.  He LOVES tennis and will spend all day telling you about it if you ask, all things sports, and an ice cold Arnold Palmer!  He also has a hobby of selling items on eBay and trading tennis racquets. Basically, he loves all things tennis. ;)

Here are our two boys, Winslow and Hogan:

W just turned three years old and loves driving his Power Wheel, eating me out of the house, and kissing on his little brother.  H is 6 months old and loves his mommy. End of story. ;) 

And here's our pup:

 Darla is our sweet, adorable 12 year old Golden who we adore.

So, that's us! We love our happy little life.