20 June 2011



As you can tell from my lack of blogging...we are super busy around my neck of the woods....  :(

I have decided that I am taking a mini-break from my lovely blog..until we get moved in to our new house and settled.

My to-do list is gigantic...and it keeps growing. 

But please know that this is just temporary (1-2 weeks or so) and then I will be back! 

Want to know my to-do list?

Okay sure, I'll share!

1. Pack. 
2. Pack.
3. Clean.
4. Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale! (helllooo, I need some new undergarments!!!)
5. IKEA...I have a couple things to pick up for the new house
6. Mary Jo's fabric store...gotta get some fabric for curtains, pillows, etc.
7. Pack.
9. Load up the moving truck this weekend.
10. Look for new jobs in Raleigh.
11. Move to Raleigh (technically Garner..where Scotty McCreery is from! haha)
12. Figure out a way to make our cat use the bathroom outside.
13. Plant Hydrangeas and flowers in the flower bed...

plus like 123094830298 other things.

Last day of work is Wednesday.  PTL.

Hope you have a great day!!!

12 June 2011

I learned that the hard way.

Last time hubby and I moved from GA to NC, we did NOT pack effectively.   Here is how it happened:  We started packing our ENTIRE house at around 8pm the NIGHT BEFORE we moved.  It was probably the most awful night I've ever had.  My, hubby, and my sis in law stayed up until 6am packing, took an hour and a half nap and then drove over 4 hours to NC.  So...this time around, we are trying to do it the right way.

We move two weeks from today.  And we're over halfway done packing. 

Gotta love the organized chaos that is our house.  Well...it's not organized.  But that's okay. 

Our home looks like that in every room. 

 I have been getting lots of goodies from CVS lately..check this out:

The total before sales and coupons: $118.00.
The total after sales and coupons: $9.76
That is a savings of 92%.

Oh yeah!

Because of this moving business, no internet mess, and packing up I haven't had time to craft! It's making me sad because I have some great ideas, but no time to do them! I can't wait until we move so I can post about fun DIY projects!!  Here is a small one that I did last week.  My friend, Molly, painted the words "Howdy" on the place-mat pillow that I made. I love the way it turned out!

You like?

And lastly, here are some paint colors that I chose for our new house!

 Love the fresh clean green color!!

We are getting that color couch, I will make some yellow linen curtains, and that paint color...YUM! so light and fun looking!

(images taken from my pinterest boards)

Well...it's bedtime for me!

Hope your weekend was great-I'll be posting about mine soon! Here's a sneak peek:

That's me in the back!

Details soon!


09 June 2011

day 5 without internet.

So, we have AT&T internet service.

it hasn't worked correctly since we got it about a year ago.  It seems there is always a problem with it...

We are now on day 5 without internet at all.  (I am currently sitting in Barnes and Noble taking advantage of unlimited magazines and free wi-fi.)

I've called over 7 people from AT&T and they all say " I will call you back when I find out the problem"

and they don't.

very very frustrating.

I have spent a total of over 6 hours on the phone with them to try to fix it...and nothing is working. 

So... no blogging, facebook, pinterest for me until we get it fixed. :(

Hopefully by the weekend, it will be fixed and i'll be a happy gal!

On another note,

We are in FULL blown packing mode.
We have just over two weeks until we move and we are trying to get all packed up now so we don't have to worry later.

I hate packing...
with a passion.

Anyone want to come help?


05 June 2011

The catfish from down under.

So...have y'all ever eaten a catfish?  In Texas, I grew up eatin' those suckers.

Well this past weekend we hosted a cookout at our house with around 15 of our friends from college.  It was so much fun-I will post about that in just a bit, but let me share a story from this weekend first.

Fishing is one of my favorite past times.  I love it.  That's probably due to the fact that I had two brothers and a dad who did it all the time.  Well..my friend, Brian, brought some poles with him and we went fishing off of our dock. A big ol catfish was caught by Alli and we were all so excited:

We could NOT get the hook out of his mouth though and it stayed out of the water too long for him to comfortably live. (Sad, I know) We decided to keep him and fry him up. 

He was breathing (or suffering from not being in the water) and I was trying to get the hook out of his mouth..so I pushed my foot down on him to make him quit flopping around..and guess what happened?

His fin went THROUGH my shoe (I had on Chaco sandals) and PIERCED into my foot.

 It hurt so badly. And of course I was a baby and start to have a panic attack.

I mean come on, there was a fish bone stuck in my foot....
and a catfish at that.
those are some of the most nasty fish..and they are full of bacteria and germs.  

It went about a half inch into my foot.  And i had to RIP it out...

fun times.
Hubby had to carry me back to the house and I layed around for about ten minutes before I settled down. 

I still can't believe it went THROUGH my shoe.  Those Chaco sandals have a THICK rubber sole..and they are supposed to be made to walk anywhere..the river, mountains, trails..you name it. 

My dad (he is a doctor) prescribed me some antibiotics to keep it from getting infected.  I really hope it works because he said catfish infections are nasty as all.  Cross your fingers I will be okay!!!

Wasn't that eventful?

Here are a few other pictures from our weekend.  We had such a fun time playing cornhole, grilling out hotdogs, swimming in the lake, watching the French Open Tennis Final, and just having some great quality time.

 Penny does NOT look happy, but I promise she is! :)
 It looks like he is floating on top of the water, but he was "posing" as he jumped off the dock! haha

And here we are watching the French Open this morning at nine.

What a great weekend.  Minus the puncture wound in my foot.

Hope you had a great weekend!!!!

03 June 2011

New look!

As you can see, I got a blog makeover!! Whoo hoo!! I love love love it so much and Tricia was a dream to work with!

Just a tiny bit more edits and then i'll be good to go! 

Thanks Tricia, so much! You are awesome!

If you are looking into a makeover, you have got to use her! Her prices are great, she will give you everything you want, and she is so sweet!

Do it, you won't be sorry.

02 June 2011

Our Anniversary Trip!

What a sweet husband, I have! I came home from work (on my birthday) and saw that he posted a "blurb" as he called it, on my blog!  Awwww...he got brownie points for that one.

I am JUST now posting about our anniversary trip to Charleston that we took last weekend..i've been so busy with work and my birthday that I haven't had a moment to blog.

Here's a recap of our weekend!

We left Friday morning and on our way, we stopped at an outlet mall.  That sure was a great way to start our weekend! :) I got some running shoes, a few shirts from Old Navy and hubby got some tennis shorts (naturally).

We checked into our hotel and look what was waiting on us!  Chilled champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and a bouquet of flowers-my wonderful in-laws got us that!

 Now for a few highlights from our trip:

 LOOK at that porch!!! I mean,  I would need like 40 rocking chairs for all that space!

 My favorite flower was alllll over the town! They were absolutely gorgeous!

 Would you look at that sunset?  This is taken straight out of my camera.  Aren't those colors INSANE?!  Ahhh....i'ts breathtaking.

We loved Charleston and had some great seafood and spent some wonderful quality time together.  One of our favorite places that we ate was in Mount Pleasant was this little diner:

 They had such awesome Southern food.  I had cajun meatloaf with green bean casserole and hubby had a BLT.

 I want to go back already! I love that place.

A little update on what's going on here...

We are moving out of our house at the end of THIS MONTH!  In about three weeks, actually.  So.. I have a little "panic attack" creeping up inside me.  I mean, I don't really have panic attacks..but I hate packing and I'm worried that it's going to be the day before and I'm going to look around the house and say "Oh, I guess we better start packing up. We leave tomorrow"

Yes. that happened last time we moved.  

no joke. and NOT FUN.

I promise to be proactive this time and pack up a little bit every day.  Please hold me to that, mmkay?

I also had a great birthday! I got my sewing machine that I had been hoping for too!! I may get it set-up tonight. My dad and brothers got me a lovely bouquet of flowers, and hubby got me a hydrangea bush and rocking chairs for our new home!!!! :)

This weekend we are having a cookout with all of our college friends. I am getting a few ideas together to make it "festive".  I can't wait to share it with y'all.

Happy Thursday!!!