24 October 2016

helloooooo out there!

It's been TOOOOOOO long since I've blogged.  I sit down several times a week to blog and then....i just really waste my time doing other things..mostly crafting on my new Cameo machine. That thing is so fun and I am hoping to open a little shop soon making shirts, vinyl decals, and other unique gifts :)

So, for all the friends and family who would like an update on our little life in the Sunshine State...i'll do my best!

1.  Seth and I are on day 8 of Whole30.  We did a ton of research and reading about this program and loves what it teaches and stands for.  NO refined/processed sugar, no dairy, grains, legumes, or any desserts.  It's been amazing really.  We previously had a pretty terrible diet of eating whatever we wanted all the time and needed to reign in our bad habits.  Why not go all in and do something like this, right?  It's been hard sometimes, but we both haven't cheated one time and feel amazing.  21 more days! And then yes, I will have a chick fil a sandwhich and a milkshake, but I am learning SO much about healthy food prep, healthy snacks, and have surprised myself with my willpower!  We are taking a LOT from this program and plan to basically eat Paleo from here on out, after our Whole30 ends. 

2. The little munchkins are growing and such a handful!  Hogan is now crawling! CRAWLING, people! He pulls himself up to standing and hates being contained now.  He is all over the place.  His favorite thing to do is sit in the hallway and watch Winslow run up and down over and over.  Winslow is now 3 years and 2 months and such a smart little guy.  He is in preschool twice and week and absolutely LOVES it. 

3. This year is ALMOST over and I CANNOT BELIEVE IT.  It's flown by.  Seriously.  Flown.  Soon, it's Halloween, then Thanksgiving and Christmas! My mom and stepdad, my stepbrother and 2 brothers are coming in for Christmas and I'm so excited to have them all here.  We are also making a trip to Texas the beginning of November! So busy!

4. My newest obession:  The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast.  Seriously, if you are a woman, you need to listen to this.  I mean, if you're not, you still can but it's just a bunch of women talking.  But Jamie has a different woman on her show every week and they just chat about their lives, what the Lord is doing and how he is writing their story..it's SO good and encouraging..Some familiar women who've been on there are Jen Hatmaker, Shaun Neiquiest, Beth Moore, Lauren Chandler, Shelly Giglio..etc.  Go get it!

5.  I have Hogan's 7 month and 8 month post written and the photos taken, but just haven't gotten it all together! Ahh i am so behind...second child problems, i reckon. 

Enjoy a few photos and hopefully I'll be back soon with more updates. :)