22 July 2011

New life goal: To spray paint everything I own.

I am convinced that you can make all things new with a little ol' can of spraypaint.

Well probably not ALL things...but a lot of them.

I've been going a little crazy with the spray paint around here...

See exhibit 1:

The shade is kind of wonk-eyed (I just made that word up) in the first photo, but I was in a hurry and didn't have time to fix it.  See that lovely apple green color?!?  YUMMMMM it is so cheery and fun!  I can't reveal it in our living room because we are still without a couch (hopefully it'll be here next week!)  It was so easy to spray paint.  All I did was tape the base where the cord is with painters tape and then tape a plastic bag around the top like so:

Such an easy way to change up the look of a lamp.

Now for my next project: my patio chairs!  If you remember, I scored some great chairs at a garage sell a few months ago.  They have been put to use a whole lot, and I decided that it was time for a little update.  I went to Home Depot yesterday to grab some spray paint and found these bright cushions on clearance.  $6 a piece- that's great, if you ask me.  That is what inspired my bright teal spray paint choice.

I loveee them.  They are so bright and fun-The cushions are smaller than the old ones, but I still think they look awesome.  They had some of the bigger size at Home Depot, but they were on clearance for $20 a piece....no thanks.

Love it!

Rustoleum makes some great spray paint.  I've loved using it so far.  And they make this neato little sprayer than I bought..it's worth every penny:

It all looks so cute with my coconut planters...my impatiens have yet to bloom though...

Coleus and Impatiens

And just for laughs..here is what my feet look like now after spraypainting all afternoon...didn't realize it had happened until I was done!
I wonder what else I can get my hands on now....  :)

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  1. looks great Kat!!! I loveeee the color!!! and i love your painted feet! After weeks of painting I'm still finding off paints spots here and there all over me! I love u! xoxo cant wait to see the living room reveal!

  2. Great porch makeovers! Love the color on the chairs. I recently did some spray painting with hot pink and had the same Chaco feet look. :)

  3. How cute are those!! I love the Howdy pillow too. Love it all!!! Great job!!!
    following you now

  4. Your porch looks lovely! And I adore the Howdy pillow!

  5. Love your chairs on your porch. And I love your blog too:) I'm a new follower and I'm a Southern gal too. I live in Alabama.

  6. Those look great! My first thought when I saw your feet is that you should get some black socks like Sherry from YHL for spray painting :)

  7. Love the color!!! Can you tell me what the brand and color of the paint is and where you got it...Thanks!

    1. I would love to know the color you used on the chairs. Thanks!