23 January 2011

Valentine's Wreath!

Yesterday was a great day for two main reasons:

1. Mr. husband was OFF on a Saturday for the first time in months.
2. We spent the day together shopping! (We both had gift cards to a couple places)

 Naturally, Seth wanted to go to the tennis shop and I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby.  So we hopped in the car and away we went!

He bought some tennis shoes and I got lots of goodies from HL.  My in-laws gave me a gift card for Christmas and I spent over an hour trying to decide what I wanted to get with it! Seth was very patient- Thanks babe!

I really wanted to make a wreath for Valentine's day so I went through every aisle thinking of stuff I could get to make one..and then a lightbulb went off!  BOA'S!!!! I gathered my supplies and couldn't wait to get home!

Here's the tutorial if you'd like to make one! It took me maybe ten minutes to make-SUPER EASY!! (My apologies for the poor lighting.  I did this at night)

Valentine's Boa Wreath


-2 boas (The ones I got were each 2 yards long)
-hot glue gun and glue sticks
-a wreath form, any size will work. If you go bigger than the one I bought, you will need another boa.
-any other accessories you want to add to your wreath (in my case, I picked up three glittery hearts)

1. The first thing you do is heat up the glue gun and hot glue one end of the boa to the top of the wreath.

2. Then wrap the boa around the wreath and hot glue a little spot every so often to keep it in place.  I put a dot of glue directly on the wreath and just stuck a clump of feathers to it.  Keep doing this until the wreath is full!  I used about 1.75 boas.  When I was done wrapping, I just cut off the excess.

 {If you notice, I changed the wreath form. Since it was so fluffy, 
it didn't really matter how thick the wreath form was so I chose to use one I got from the dollar store and saved the other one for another project! Oh, and hi kitty cat in the corned of the photo!}

3. Hot glue any accessories to the feathers.

All done!

I love the way mine turned out and it's super fluffy and fun looking.

The reason I chose the lilac purple color is because I am going to take the hearts off after V-day and make it into an EASTER wreath! Pretty genius, right?! ;)

The total cost for this project was around $9.  Each boa was on sale for $3.50, the wreath form was $1 and the hearts were a total of $1.

Yay for wreaths and cheap, fun projects!

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