23 January 2012

DIY Pallet Shelf

I finally got to make a couple project with the pallest I picked up a few months ago.  Mom helped me a lot and I am so please with the way they turned out! 

The funniest part though was that we did all of the cutting and nailing in the living room-it was too cold outside to saw and hammer so I just layed a sheet down in the living room. HA!

Huey was trying to help...

So after some cutting, nailing and hanging this is the end result:

I loveee the way it turned out. 

And I also made a mini-shelf for my bathroom.

Our bathroom is TINY.  In our bedroom, we just have a half bath (thank you 1960's) and it should be called a 1/8 bath because it's so little...so I need all the storage I can get.

Here's what the counter looked like before I made the shelf, and then there is an after photo too.  I used to store my hairdryer and straightener on the bath towel holder.  Sad.

(The lighting in our bathroom is horrid.  The walls are this awful white/yellow color and the light fixture is definately 40 years old, at least...so I apologize for the poor lighting.)

The counter before I had the shelf: full of stuff!   And the picture on the right is after I had the shelf to store my hair products!

It now holds my hair essentials and I am so happy!!! No more ghetto jimmy riggin' on the towel bar!

Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. I love pallets! I mad a pallet coffee table for my apt, painted white with casters on the bottom and a piece of glass for the top. very modern/industrial!

  2. Hope that this is not too long to ask since your original post....how did you hang the shelves? What hardware did you use? Thanks!

  3. ghetto jimmy riggin'?