28 September 2011

Fall wreath! {An easy tutorial!}

Over the weekend, I made a fall wreath that costs me around 8 dollars.  I love it when I can make something really cute for a really great price.  Here is what I came up with for my Fall 2011 wreath.

Let's review what my wreath looked like last year:

Cute...but I wasn't crazy about it this year (and of course, I was itching to do a little crafting!)

Take a look at my new wreath:

As you probably know by now, I love Burlap.  From pillows to pennants to wreaths...i love the stuff.

Here's a mini tutorial on how to make one of these beauties!  (It's really easy to do, so I debated on evening making a tutorial, but I hope it'll help you to become inspired!)

1.  Here are the supplies you'll need:

a. Burlap
b. Spray paint
c. Hot glue gun
d. wreath
e. berries or any other decor item of your choice
f. Your initial
g. twine

2. Spray paint your wreath.  I used Valspar from Lowes and it worked beautifully.

 I just hung it on a tree like so and sprayed it like crazy.  Make sure you do several coats because the wood soaks up some paint.

3. While the wreath is drying, get your initial letter, glue gun, and twine. Begin wrapping the twine around the letter and glue every so often.  It's an easy process, just a little time consuming.

4. When the wreath is dry, get out your berries and just hot glue them around it.  Again, not hard.

5.  Make a burlap bow (I didn't take photos of this part) and hot glue it to the wreath.  Now place the initial in the middle of the wreath and hang it from the back with fishing line so no one will see it.  :)

Viola!  An easy and beautiful fall wreath.  

My favorite part is the spray painted part.  Now I have wonderful ideas to do for summer (coral or hot pink), christmas (green or red) and spring (easter egg purple).

Have YOU done any crafting lately?   Later this week, I am going to share a little more crafting ( in the kitchen..aka a recipe)

and it may or may not have to do with pumpkin. :)