31 August 2013

2 Weeks

  2 Weeks Old!
Poppin' my collar ;)
 After bathtime.  He didn't like his first bath, but liked his second bath. 
 My brother came to visit with my dad!  W loves his Uncle Grant!
 Our little family <3 br="">
 Dad came to visit Winslow from Texas.
 My dad and I.
Stats: We do not go to the doctor for his 2 week appointment until Friday (he will be almost 3 weeks, but that's the only appointment my pediatrician had) so I am hoping for some good weight gain and some growth!  He had an appointment the day after we got discharged from the hospital, and the doc said everything was looking good.  He hadn't lost anymore weight.

Sleep: Little man is sleeping good so far! A couple nights have been rough since we've been home, but that's expected.  Last night he slept over 4 hours and that was GLORIOUS!  He usually sleeps around 3 hours or so and then I feed him, burp him, and put him back down.  I'm usually awake for 45 minutes from the time I start nursing to the time he's back asleep.  Not too bad...Some nights he only goes 2.5 hours but that's okay. Each day he goes a little longer.  He is so noisy though! He grunts, coos, and talks in his sleep.  It's so cute, but sometimes it keeps me awake because I think he's uncomfortable.

Eating: He eats every 3 hours or so.  He's gone a few four hour stretches during the day too, but mostly he likes to eat after 2.5-3.  We introduced the PACIFIER this week and he's not too sure about it.  Sometimes he loves it for about 20 minutes or so and then he spits it out and wants the real deal, but he's learning! 

Diapering: Still in NB diapers. We are using Pampers and Target brand.  The Target brand is a little bigger but he fits in both fine.  The only thing that is really interesting is that EVERY night, he always wets through his diaper, swaddle, and clothes...any tips on how to prevent that, if I even can?  He never does it in the day..only at night.  Can he really pee that much in 3-4 hours that it soaks through his diaper?  Haha...it's just funny because every single time I feed him at night, we have to do a wardrobe change.

Clothes: All NB.  Most are fitting fine. A few are too big still.  I can tell he's starting to fill out quick though, so we'll be moving to 0-3 mos here pretty soon!

Social: He likes to lay on his play mat for 20 or so minutes a day and he is also awake a lot more during the day.  He loves to sit in his boppy and just look around.  His favorite things are the ceiling fan, and looking at his momma. :)  We also put him in his monkey seat and that's how I shower in the morning.  I wanted to try it out before my mom left to see if I could take a shower by myself and he sat there happy as a lark for two days straight. Score!

Mama: doing really well!  I have no more pain at all except a tiny bit in the evening.  I think it's from being so active during the day, walking up the stairs, and just more activity that normal.  I sometimes take one motrin before I go to bed, but that's it.  I am almost fully recovered, I would say.  I've also lost almost all my baby weight (thank you breastfeeding!) but my body is still not like it was before I got pregnant (of course).  That will get taken care of LATER.  I'm not worried about it now.  I am going to mow the yard today, and I could not be more excited! It's one of those things that I used to love to do before getting pregnant and now I can do it!
My beautiful mom and sweet W. She is a wonderful grandmother.

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