04 August 2013

Dear Winslow,

You will make your grand debut hopefully less than a week or so! I hope you're ready, because I sure am!  Last night you kept me up until 2:30 in the morning kicking and punching...I think you're getting me prepared for the late nights I'll have with you.  I am so excited to be up with you at 3am, to listen to your little grunts and squeaks, to watch you in awe that God made you so perfect for our family.  I am getting so anxious to know what you look like.  Will you look like daddy?  Mommy? Both?  I just know you'll be the perfect mix of us both.  Once you get here, I think we are going to have a hard time putting you down.  Between your grandparents, Aunt Lo Lo, and our friends, you will be spoiled rotten.  

I love you so much, little one.   Last night, our friends Molly and Justin came over and she made some "Labor-inducing" Eggplant Parm.  There is a restaurant who makes this recipe and apparently a lot of pregnant ladies go into labor soon after eating this meal.  It hasn't worked for me just yet, but I think that's because you get your stubbornness from your momma.  You will come when you are ready, little one.  I am so excited to meet you though, so if you want to come any day now, I would be okay with that.

Momma is still working even though it's getting hard to.  I am really tired at night and you like to keep me up.  That's okay though.  I just want you here so we can cuddle. 

The house is still clean, your bed is made, your clothes are washed, your mommy and daddy are waiting!

This week has seemed like it's gone by so slow.  I think because I dream about you everyday.  When you are waiting for something so GREAT, it makes the hours pass by slow.  I hope you're ready for lots of snuggles and kisses.  You won't have a shortage of those, that's for sure.  

We love you! 

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