17 August 2013

41+ Weeks

Still no baby! 8 days overdue...how much longer do you want to cook. little boy?  Come on out, your mommy and daddy are DYING to meet you!

No weekly update...except that I am 41 weeks and one day today, I am REALLLLLLLLLLY ready to meet my son, and I keep having contractions but they are not regular nor do they hurt.  Ugh.  I've never wanted to feel pain more in my life than I do now. I would appreciated your thoughts and prayers as we anxiously await the birth of our stubborn little babe.

The good news is I had an apppointment yesterday, the baby boy is still doing awesome. His fluid levels are great, his heartbeat is great, I am doing great (as best I can) so really I am thankful.  Doctor was not concerned at all about him being this late.  She still thinks he will be under 8 or 8.5 lbs....we will see! 

I would love a baby before the weekend is over.  Come out, Winslow!

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  1. You got this! I was 41.2 when I went into labor- I'm sure you are so close :)