11 August 2013

40 Weeks

Yikes!! I can't believe I'm posting a 40+ week update! I kept thinking he would be here early since my original due date was 7-31-13, but this boy has other plans! I am currently 40 weeks and 3 days and still no sign of little Winslow.  

how far along? 40 Weeks 3 Days
how are you measuring?
Still on schedule..but where is my baby? haha

size of baby? A pumpkin..and boy do I feel like I'm carrying a pumpkin or two!
 heartbeat? 140 bpm
total weight gain/loss? Around 22 pounds
maternity clothes? Having to rotate between the same 4-5 outfits now because most of my dresses are too short to wear to work (like the one in the picture) and maternity dress pants are not fitting that great..it's tough getting dressed when you literally have a basketball in your stomach!
stretch marks? Yes. Got a few around 37 weeks but haven't gotten anymore.
sleep? No. That's all I'm saying about that.
best moment this week? Seeing my due date..but now that I'm passed my due date, it's not so great. haha  I had an appointment last week and I had no change in my progression.  Still sitting at 2cm and about 75% effaced.  

movement? Oh yes!  Still a lot of movement...I don't see how he still moves since he has no room left, he must be a gymnast!
food cravings? Milk. milk.milk.milk.  And sweets, of course. ;)
gender predictions? A boy!
what i miss: Sleeping on my stomach, turkey sandwiches, sushi, a good nights sleep, seeing my feet, bending over normally, 

what i'm looking forward to: Meeting my SON! And not being pregnant! 

If you were to ask me the craziest thing that's happened during this pregnancy, it would be how INSANE my hormones/emotions have been after I passed my due date.  I swear it's like I'm bi-polar. One hour I feel great and have a great attitude even though I'm overdue, and the next hour I am crying my eyes out listening to a Kari Jobe song! Ha..it's crazy how emotional I am lately.  Oh, the joys of pregnancy, or should I say a crazy OVERDUE pregnant lady.

I'm still hanging in there, though! I am praying he comes this week because I really don't want to be induced.  Tomorrow I have a doc appointment and we schedule our induction. :(  I am sad, but maybe I'll have made more progress, or heck, maybe she'll send me over to the hospital because I'm in labor! hahaha..I can dream, right?

Crossing my fingers that my next post is to welcome our son into the world!


  1. Winslow, we all want to meet you so come out already :).

    You're still working?! When is your maternity leave? In the Netherlands you get 4-6 weeks prior to your due date and then 10-12 weeks once the baby is born (total of 16 weeks if baby is on time).

    1. Wow!! That's great- Yes I am still working! I get six weeks of paid maternity leave but am taking 13 weeks total, even though they are not all paid.

    2. Pfff...that must be tough, working until he's here (hoping he's already here).

      When I lived in Scotland they got something like 6-9 months but not all paid though.

  2. You look fantastic! It's so hard to believe you are 40 weeks!

  3. I hope you got you a turkey sandwich now! LOL